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Welcome to the latest blog post from John Lindsey Photography. My name is John and today's post is going to be about my decision to replace my old tripod head this a new one which is a better suit for my type of photography.

I am sure for many wildlife and nature photographers a good tripod is a much have item. In December a decided that using my old pan and tilt head wasn't the easiest and I found myself missing shots because I had to fiddle around with the different levers to get it right by which time the bird/animal had long gone.

A spent weeks and weeks looking at different reviews online, looking at the different styles of tripod heads available and the many various brands on the market. Also speaking with other wildlife photographer and discovering what the use and their own personal experiences using them day in and day out.

In January of 2020 I finally replaced my old tripod head with the Benro GH2 Gimbal tripod head and I wanted to create this blog post to give you a little bit of a review and my own personal views of being an owner of one.

First of all here is a picture of the tripod head itself. I have this mounted on my Manfrotto 190 XPro tripod legs.

First impressions

My first impressions after getting this tripod head very good indeed. I was a little dubious as there was many very similar designed gimbal heads out the on the market at a fraction of the price of this one. It comes with a long quick release plate which is perfect for larger lenses such as the Sigma 150-600 Sport. This is one of the key factors of me upgrading my tripod head because anyone who owns or uses this will know it is a heavy bit of kit. The quick release plate that comes with the tripod head is the Benro PL100.


Fitting the Benro GH2 for my tripod lets was very easy. I say that but I did have to watch a YouTube video on how to remove the old tripod head from the legs.

Build Quality

I can honesty say that I was very impressed with the build quality of the Benro GH2 and for the price I would expect it to be a good quality. The 2 main tightening controls are a good size with a soft rubbery feel the them. I personally find them to be very easy to reach and you can set the tension making the action as smooth as required.

Ease of use

As a wildlife photographer I can be out with the camera for long per and with so I was a little hesitant in purchasing this tripod head because in the past I was leaving my tripod as home and handholding to get my images. But since having this it made me take the tripod on nearly every trip because for one my Sigma is a lot heavier than my previous Tamron lens and reason 2 I wanted to increase my shot hit rate when the lighting wasn't as good as I had hope for. That being said I now wouldn't be without it now. When I am going in the field I keep me camera and tripod connect and carry it as a complete unit which means I can get set up in no time ready to shoot.

Extra Feature

On the Benro GH2 there a an extra feature that I really like apart from being able to move the camera around and lock it off quickly whenever I need to.

Camera/Lens Hight adjustment

By using the wing nut show in pictures you can alter the height of the camera/lens to suit. The rulers next to it means you can measure the adjusts made and change easily and quick as and when required.


In summary I absolutely love this tripod head. It has helped me get images that I just would not have been able to handheld. The biggest advantage for me it that I can move from left to right, up or down or a mixture of the two and with a quick tighten the to two controls and its locked off. I often just keep the tightening tension just enough and I can still move my camera and lens when I need to but I can take my hands off my camera and it still stays in the same position even with a heavy lens like the Sigma. I know some of you may be thinking spending £200+ on a tripod is quite pricey but believe me it is an investment I wish I had made years ago. One extra to say is that these are my own personal views and its a product which I purchased for myself and I am not indorsed by Benro in any way.

I have also found this tripod head to be great when I am not using my big wildlife lens. The big quick release plate (PL100) which comes with the tripod head is permanently fixed to the foot of my wildlife lens. If you decide to go for this tripod make sure you have a good set of legs for it to go on to. I personally use the Manfrotto 190 XPRO and as a combo there work great together without any adjustments to me made. (Other brands may differ) One this to point out is that if you do buy or have this tripod head and you can an extra smaller quick release plate to have on the bottom on the camer like I do then a small quick release please can be purchased and I am going to but links at the end to all the items I have talked about in this post for you to have a look at for yourself.

Benro GH2 Gimbal tripod head.

Benro PU50 Smaller quick release plate.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my blog post on the Benro GH2 Gimbal tripod head. I hope it helps those of you that are currently at getting a new tripod head and a gimbal suits your genre of photography. I am going to be adding more blog posts form new kit that I buy, pros and cons and my general thoughts as I use them.

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Unit then. Keep well and stay save.


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