No time to lie in...

What a delightful way to start a day this morning. Left the house with gear and tripod at 05:30am with the intention of photographing the northern wheatears again this weekend and if my luck was in maybe I would get a few new images for the website.

With wildlife photography you never really know what if anything you are going to get but I can honestly say that this morning was an absolute dream. Arrived on location around 05:45am And after the mandatory cup of Yorkshire tea. It was time to gear up and move on out.

It is a short walk down to the smaller second reservoir down a dusty farm track wedged between hedgerows full or sparrows. I had a good idea of where the Northern Wheatears might be after doing a bit of research last weekend after receiving a tip off from a friend and fellow wildlife photographer.

As luck would have it. The northern Wheatear were in the first field by the reservoir. Unfortunately these small UK visitors kept out in the middle of the field and even with my Sigma 150-600mm OS HSM Sport they were too far out for a good shot even with a 1.4x convertor.

I spent the next hour or so walking around other reservoir then decided to head back to the field. There is a little off track patch near the first field and the northern Wheatear was close. With full camo clothing i got down low to the ground and waiting to see the wheat would come close to me...Safe to say I wasn't expecting it to come as close as it did but i am not complaining. This are stunning birds and a pleasure to photograph.

Below are a few of the images from this morning. If you like my content and website please free feel to sign up to out free mailing list for further updates and brand new content.

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